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Vision & Mission for a Healthier Future

About Us

TTOHC is a natural and spiritual health center. We provide services and classes to evolve the spirit, mind and body. Personal and professional growth is achieved through the spiritual foundation of MARCI®. MARCI® is an acronym for Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion and Intuition.

Our Vision & Mission for a Healthier Future


Our Vision is a "Universal Retreat & Healing Arts Center."


Our Mission is to provide a center where everyone feels accepted and respected as they are. We offer classes and services to help you know yourself, with the best teachers and healers to serve your growth. Our goal is to create a cycle of success for all who experience "The Tree of Heath Center."



MARCI (a program and acronym for "Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion and Intuition") was founded by Linda Mitchell, designed for those in the holistic field. The workshop was intended to present educational programs for the Holistic Professional to raise awareness of how their practice in the health field was developing professionally through personal reflection.


After two and a half years, like many thoughts, ideas and dreams, MARCI was put on the shelf to accumulate cobwebs, during the forming of the Holistic Mentorship Network (HMN). Founded by Linda in 2005, the network’s intention was to bring the natural medicinal field together, so health care professionals would not feel isolated, have a place to connect with other like-minded professionals "to share, learn, teach, grow and lead." Many HMN chapters, primarily in New Jersey, were created for holistic professionals to meet, and network.


As the network continued to grow, Linda heeded the call to the hyper growth that the Natural Medicinal industry was experiencing and created an E-zine called MARCI. It was Linda’s intention for MARCI to be a resource to educate the community about eastern medicine for a vast variety of health care practices, and sustainable living. MARCI continued to grow organically from its first edition, released in the winter of 2006 with 14 pages to 70 plus pages in the winter of 2011 when the final edition was published.


In February of 2012 Linda found that her vision and the vision of the board was no longer aligned, and after much introspection, she made the decision to resign from her position as Executive Director and Board Member. With that, Linda was forced to release MARCI the magazine as well.

Moving on with determination and a strong conviction to make a difference in the holistic health care industry, Linda created a new opportunity for a joint venture. With a sound foundation in MARCI, Linda launched her original intention to open a health and wellness retreat center and founded The Tree of Health Center, LLC.


Linda brought in Debra M. Hollinrake as Partner and Director of Public Relations for The Tree of Health Center, LLC. Interns joined the center at the end of 2013, with the intention to build a village of interns to help The Tree of Health Center move forward while providing the interns with hands-on work experience and leadership incentives.


The Tree of Health Center continues to build their village of interns. In June 2014, The Tree of Health Center rolled-out their new and improved logo, brand and web site. The big event was spearheaded by Marketing Manager, Sarah Leusink, revealing the impressive creative work of Graphic Design Intern Devin Downey and Web Site Development Intern Boolanchai Wells (Boolie).

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