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Healing through Physical & Emotional Scar

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Can be an Effectively Alternative Healing

Being Mindful Gives Me Another Positive Perspective On Life

Receiving Massage Therapy Helped My Grades & Attitude in School

Emotional Freedom Techniques Offers Us Another Effective Tool for Success

Linda Michell's personal insight makes you fell we are all one in mind, body. & spirit.

An Excellent Learning Experience to Reiki Certification

An Outlet & Provider of Balance

Testimonial to MARCI

Progression at its Finest

Compassion & a Positive Attitude

A Huge Thank You

Tears Replaced by Happy Memories

Healing Spirit

EFT t be Used in Future Therapeutic Conditions

The Green Light for a Better Future

An Awesome Massage Therapist

CranioSacral Therapy for Baby Boy Zach

Equine CranioSacral Therapy ~ BEneficial as it was Fascinating...

Releasing Anger with EFT Class

Testimonials in Schools

This section is dedicated to the teachers and students who open themselves up to learning from each other.

Continuing Education for the Body & Soul

The Magic Word: Massage

Say Goodbye to Everyday Stress

A Simple & Honest Answer from a 4-Year Old

Master EFT Practitioner 

Testimonials Regarding Speaking

Mojo for Speaking

Being in Your Power

Straight to the Heart

Incoming New Paradigm

Great Spiritual Expression

A High Recommendation

A Wonderful Presentation

Entertaining & Thought-Provoking Program

Wonderful Spirit

Enthusiastic Speaker

A Vivacious, Interactive Presentation

Copious Amount of Positive Remarks

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