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Linda Mitchell      |      Debra Hollinrake

Linda Mitchell


Developer of MARCI – A Pathway to Professional, Personal & Social Enlightenment, Publisher, Writer & Healthcare & Elder Abuse Advocate

Linda Mitchell is a healthcare provider with over 36 years experience in both conventional and natural medicine. Linda came into the health field driven by a need to provide for her children and herself while going through a divorce. She was also inspired by her sister, Mary Lou, who died at the tender age of 6 from leukemia, while Linda was 4. As Linda entered the field of natural medicine, she learned how past experiences, especially trauma, can keep you from moving forward in your life and that old habits die hard.

Linda’s personal journey has been an experience in which she would not trade for the world, as it has brought her to this time in her life where she is more fully aware of the paths she has chosen, why she’s chosen them, and the healthier choices she chooses to make today. Running the NJ Shore Leukemia and Lymphoma marathon showed her how life has its hurdles and challenges. Often times we stop short right before we break through the barriers that hold us back, and this leaves us with unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Linda’s advanced training through Upledger in CranialSacral Therapy, and Somatic Emotional Release has served her ability to work with children diagnosed with attention deficit, self-esteem and peer pressure, as well as adults who are working on healing trauma. Linda created the program MARCI, an acronym for Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion and Intuition, a metaphor for the garden each one of us lives in every day. MARCI is intended to support personal, professional, and social growth in all sectors of life. Linda is a publicist of two health and wellness e-zines called MARCI and Conscious Health.

Linda is the Founder, Director and Partner of The Tree of Health Center, located in beautiful Sussex County, where she hopes to bridge the gap between all healthcare traditions, intends to change the dialogue to natural medicine being the first choice in healthcare, and build a Universal Retreat and Healing Arts Center. Linda is recognized for her advocacy work toward a healthier healthcare system, and speaking out on Elder Abuse, which is a soft spot for Linda after her elderly mother’s experience with mental and emotional cruelty. Linda is past Vice President and Past Member of the Safety Committee of the Health Professionals & Allied Employees Local 5107.

Linda lives in Sussex County, New Jersey, and enjoys finding time to read, meditate and play. Linda's most accomplished act has been raising her children, and enjoying being a grandma.

Speaker Topics

Introducing MARCI for Successful Self-Care

MARCI is an acronym for Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion and Intuition, and a metaphor for the garden you live in every day. Find out how living MARCI can change your life. Oh, but you don’t like change! Change is the only constant that is guaranteed. Isn’t it time you take charge of your life? Take the first step by bringing MARCI into your life, and watch old habits fade away.

The Power of Teamwork - 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Do you ever feel like you are going against the current? Do you feel alone in your tasks or projects? You have the ability to change old patterns and create a new pathway to building a strong and sustainable team through a program called MARCI.

Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion and Intuition, and a metaphor for the garden you live in every day. MARCI is a tool that is shared by many who have chosen stronger life skills that can be taken to work, social gatherings, board meetings, the gym, church, home or anywhere you are. You can build your team today by taking back your power and creating the shift of consciousness you wish to feel and be a part of in today's world.

Debra Hollinrake


Motivational Speaker and Teacher for "Walk Your Talk" & "Changing the Voices in Your Head to Cheerleaders of Success"

Debra M. Hollinrake has a knack for setting her sights and reaching her target. When she found herself choking on her own words when launching her personal development business, Intentional Power, she joined Toastmasters International to nip that fear in the bud. Another success! She stopped choking after one speech, and her effectiveness as an advanced EFT Practitioner helped her release residual jitters once and for all. But little did she know how this would open the door to another exciting chapter in her life. Through her gift as a natural teacher she found her platform through public speaking.

An award winning speaker, successful entrepreneur and gifted facilitator of healing, Debra gets right to the core with her inspirational talks on Goal Achievement and Emotional Wellness. Her passion is serving others through their own self-discovery. Armed with credentials in holistic spirituality, natural healing and public speaking, she sets the room on fire with sparkling enthusiasm and an infectious example of personal power.

Speaker Topics

How to Walk Your Talk without Swallowing Your Foot

Female business professionals and courageous truth seekers can finally let go of the voices in their head that sabotage their success. Learn what really makes you tick, embrace your uniqueness and live the best story of your life. Through her unique method on, "Living Your Story Your Way™," Debra guides those ready for change to live a positively creative and fruitful life. Attendees walk away with a clearer understanding of how to:

  • use the dynamic power of intention
  • identify their inner "truth"
  • connect with their creative talents
  • recognize self-sabotage and let it go
  • continuously flow on a wave of success

After hearing Debra speak professionals and truth seekers will have a proven roadmap they can rely on to help them reach their authentic goals. They will finally know how to confidently walk their talk with intentional power on the road to their dreams.

Emotional Muscle: How to Exorcise the Beast for Positive Emo-Mass

There’s more to personal power than physical mass. Debra helps you understand how emotions often prevent you from living a balanced, powerful and creative life. She delivers proven techniques for recognizing and overcoming personal and professional limits holding us back with seemingly unbreakable force. With simple tools for releasing these limits, you can easily maintain and build emotional muscle for complete well-being. Attendees walk away with new knowledge about:

  • why each piece of the triad is equally important
  • the "triad of well-being"
  • how to recognize emotional "un" fitness
  • tools to release negative energy; and
  • how to easily build positive emotional clout

Passionate about her work, Debra's enthusiasm energizes any room and gives everyone something to talk and "tap" about. Learn how to be free of harmful negative energy and receive the necessary tools to live with true balance, joy and peace.


"What Debra provides is a practical tool for effectively and permanently bringing about positive change. Her style and technique are both enchanting and impactful. If you want to change your mind and change your life, Debra can help."

By Patty Cardellino, Certified Hypnotherapist / President of Catalyst Coaching, LLC.

"Debra has great charm, great spiritual expression and great fire and enthusiasm. I have never met anyone who sparkles and glows like she does."

By Deanna Trust,

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