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Traditional Usui Reiki Mastery

Teacher: Linda Mitchell​

Investment: $500​

Prerequisite: students must be recognized by Linda Mitchell as Reiki I and Reiki II practitioners.

This three-day training is the third step in Reiki Healing Mastery. It is when a practitioner becomes a Master. This class is divided into two segments.

First, Eastern Reiki Mastery, were students learn how to become one with Reiki. Second is Western Reiki Mastery. Students will learn different healing hand position techniques for various ailments. Meridians are used as general guidelines.

The training combines a lecture and a discussion session. Students will learn the Usui Master symbol and attunement procedures. All students will give a full treatment using all the Reiki symbols and a distant healing session.

This class includes:

· Spiritual balancing of a Reiki Master

· Meditation to receive the Reiki Master attunement

· Reiki Master attunement

· Memorizing and practicing the symbol

· Proper procedure for giving Reiki attunements

· Workshop for giving and receiving a complete Reiki Treatment utilizing all the Reiki symbols including special treatments for different ailments

All Reiki Masters must attend the full workshop, and must prove their total treatment proficiency on three clients under Linda Mitchell’s supervision. All Reiki Masters must attend two attunement sessions performed by Linda Mitchell before they will be recognized and certified as Reiki Masters.

18 CEU credits can be applied.

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