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Mindful Meditation for Beginners

Teacher: Debra M. Hollinrake​

Investment: ​$150

This class series introduces beginning and former meditators to a regular meditation practice, leading them from the basics through advanced tools for inner peace, reception, contemplation and life success.

Topics and interactive learnings include:

• Mindfulness
• Posture
• How to Relax
• How to Breathe
• Focused Breathing
• Dealing with Busy Brain (Monkey Brain)
• Dealing with Resistance
• Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Benefits of practicing these meditation teachings regularly:

• MAJOR BENEFIT: Allows You to Know Your True Self
• Lowers stress
• Improves Physical Health
• Greatly Improves Focus
• Reduces Physical Pain
• Changes Your Brain in a Protective Way
• Controls Your Brain’s “Volume Knob.”
• Increases Your Connection to Your Intuition
• Lowers Depression Risk
• Improves Sleep
• Builds a Strong Foundation for Spiritual Practice
• Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Life Purpose
• Freedom to Express your Greatest Creativity

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