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Melissa Acuña, M.Ed

Melissa Acuña, Master of International Teaching, Mindfulness for Kids

Melissa Acuña Dengo was born in Costa Rica and has lived all over the world. She began tutoring children while a teenager, moving on to refugee camps and volunteering at numerous orphanages in Vienna, Austria.

Upon leaving college, Melissa began teaching languages to adults. However, when she was offered a position at a kindergarten she realized that working with children was her true calling.​​

After teaching in England and Austria, she relocated to Japan where she taught at an International School for four years. While in Japan, she combined several of her passions, including meditation and spirituality, and began her personal journey towards more conscious living.

​Studying Shiatsu piqued her interest in Eastern philosophy, which was further fueled while visiting Buddhist temples in Japan. This is when she began incorporating some of these ideas into her teaching and classroom environment.

Melissa moved back to Costa Rica in 2014, and began teaching at a Montessori kindergarten, where she continued introducing mindfulness to children. Impressed with her results, she wrote her master’s thesis on the idea of incorporating mindfulness into the classroom and using it as an alternative method for dealing with aggression in children with ASD.​

Mindfulness is a concept dear to Melissa’s heart. She believes that by reaching out to young children and teaching them the concept of mindfulness, we are providing the stepping stones toward a better world.​


  • Masters of Education in International Teaching
  • Masters Thesis: "Stop, Feel, Focus: Mindfulness - a viable solution for the management of aggression in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?"
  • Kindergarten & Pre-School Teacher
  • Cambridge CELTA
  • Trained in Montessori
  • Continuing Education in Mindfulness and Meditation, including the Silvia Mind System
  • Author “The Benefit of Integrating Mindfulness into Schools”

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