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MARCI- A Path to Enlightenment

"Be the change" by enrolling in a life enrichment course called MARCI. MARCI, an acronym for Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion & Intuition, is a metaphor for a garden, your garden that you live in every day. What are the seeds you planted, cultivated and harvested last year? Did you take time to reflect on what you harvested? Is your garden working for you? MARCI takes you on a journey that will help you discover and develop a richer and healthier platform that will serve you personally, professionally and socially year after year.

Through this program, you will experience deep discussion and interactive exercises that will assist you along a path of enlightenment. MARCI is a valuable tool you can pull out of your toolbox when you fall out of alignment. MARCI helps us remember to check in with ourselves, and come back into a flow that helps us create the life we deserve and desire.

With MARCI, you can follow a path to enlightenment where you will find your balance, and feel your peace.

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