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Our Vision is to live in Peace

Our Mission is to present a five-month series of multi-cultural events for conscious evolution and peace.

2017 Schedule & Information | Sam Tso: $60/person; All Other Events: $15/person

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June 10

Debra M. Hollinrake

The Power of Love – Learn how to walk the path of unconditional love to nurture our world toward true and lasting peace. A meditation and interactive discussion is included for all to feel and flow love outward and within.

June 24

David Karlberg

Drumming Circle - Learn how to handle and play hand drums, review basic rhythms, and learn what to play to join in with any rhythm in a Group Drumming Circle.

June 24

David Karlberg

Gong Immersion - Feel the powerful relaxing vibrations of four large tuned gongs. For some it is a deep meditation, for others an emotional journey. Tune yourself in to the gong and listen deeply to the vibrant, soothing tones.

July 8

Evelyn Williams Kadampa Buddhist Teacher

Buddhist Meditation - Learn to meditate and be inspired by Buddha's life. Experience the profound meaning of Buddha’s wise advice, empowering you to overcome your problems and find real meaning in your life.

July 22

Sam Tso
the Medicine Man

Intro to Dineh Healing - In a healing circle, Sam will introduce himself, Dineh spirituality, and prayers. Attendees will be blessed by pipe or feather and smudge, depending on the venue and those within the circle.

August 12

Austin Babcock

The Mindful Path to Peace - Learn how teaching children mindfulness from a young age leads to inner and world peace. Receive guidance on books for parents to read to their children, mindfulness techniques and meditation.

August 26

Jean O'Toole 
Cynthia Schroll

JourneyDance™ - Join this vibrant community and share a self exploration / acceptance journey. Feel your power as we explore our emotions, dance our fiery rhythmic beats, and create from our deepest prayerful tones.

September 23

John Drinkard

Shamanic Journey - Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition known to humanity. To the Shaman’ eyes, the world around us is alive and inspirited. Learn to see with Shaman’s eyes to access healing, knowledge and power.

October 28

Ana Teresa Dengo

Transformational Power of Achieving Peace – Ana is a successful and peaceful diplomatic negotiator on nuclear issues. She will share some tools on how to "Feng Shui" yourself and your soul to release spiritual clutter, enhance positive energy, and be filled with peace, joy and abundance of all kinds - to project outward, as your contribution to the world.

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