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  • Lift Another Up and Positively Change the World

By Debra M. Hollinrake

How often do you take the time to raise the spirit of another? Whether they are down and out, just living a normal day with no problems, feeling down, or already feeling up.

How good do you feel when you take the time to brighten another’s spirits? What do you do? With animals, you usually pet or brush them, snuggle with them or take some time to play with them. How do you do it with humans? Here are a few examples.

1. Write a handwritten note to someone you know, saying something positive about them and how much you appreciate that they’re a part of your life. Then put a stamp on it and mail it!

2. Give a gift – to a total stranger or someone you know.

3. Show respect to others – no matter who they are.

4. Listen to others. Sometimes people just need a sympathetic ear. If they are talking about how horrible their life is, try to bring their thinking to a healthier place – gently change the subject to something more positive. Allowing someone to speak negatively only helps them perpetuate their unhappiness. Get them outside of their misery so they can find a better way. It doesn’t always work, but for the times it does work, it’s worth all the effort.

5. Hug someone, really hug them – at least once a day. Ahhhh.

6. Freely offer a kind word or compliment.

7. Do a funny dance in front of someone who’s not happy. This may startle them into laughing.

8. Sing a song or phrase to someone – even if it’s off key.

9. Help someone. You have the power to offer a helping hand in so many ways. If someone needs help in a certain area of their life, brainstorm with them. You may be surprised how you might be able to help them: perhaps a phone call you can make or something you can do for them that will lift them up to the next rung. Or maybe just taking the time to share ideas is enough to give them the boost they need.

10. Be a mentor. Take someone under your wing. You have so much wonderful energy and knowledge that, when shared, can light up the world. Who’s world can you light up? Imagine how bright your own energy will shine when it’s activated.

Now, what can you add to this list? What are some things you’ve done in the past that have lifted others up? What else can you do? Say it out loud. Make a commitment.

“Every day I will reach out to another person and do something to lift their spirits. Every single day.”

At the end of the day, talk to someone about what you did that helped someone else. Or review it in your mind. Identify what you did. This simple process feels good in so many ways. You remind yourself of your power. You remind yourself of how good you feel when you stop to help another. And you remind yourself of how you are making a difference, brightening up someone's life, and lifting up the world, one gesture at a time.

As Bernice Coe, the first woman head an independent film-distribution company said, “We all get lifted up if we lift each other up.”

What are your intentions?

Here’s to your scintillating power as you feel the joy in helping others, and your spirit glows.

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