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JourneyDance™ Facilitators

Jean O'Toole, JourneyDance™ Facilitator

Jean O'Toole received her certifications for facilitating JourneyDance at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA. She studied with JourneyDance founder, Toni Bergins, who has now brought the conscious dance movement across the globe. Off the dance floor, Jean is an author and scholarship strategist for high school and college students. Her designed strategies have helped students win thousands of dollars to contribute towards their college educations. Over 150,000 students have attended her programs across the United States. For more information about the work she does with students visit As a JourneyDance facilitator, she is able to help others ignite their passion for creativity and knows firsthand that honoring the whole self resonates into other areas of life.

I am an empire builder. I have a history of burying myself in my professional path. I have focused enormous time and attention to helping others design their lives. Over the past 15 years I have placed priority on my work life and my connection to my body and my creative self was pushed down to the bottom of my list of priorities, JourneyDance has helped me to reconnect to myself and reclaim my creative expression. JourneyDance has allowed me and many others to find my inner dancer and celebrate her. JourneyDance makes me whole. I am a better wife, daughter, sister and friend because of this practice. I look forward to helping you "tell your story on the dance floor". Thank you in advance for honoring us all with YOUR dance, as each of us will be more fulfilled because of it.

Cynthia Schroll, JourneyDance™ Facilitator

Cynthia completed training to become a JourneyDance™ guide in November 2016, and has been leading classes and building an enthusiastic tribe of dancers in several studio spaces in and around the Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania area. 

JourneyDance™ found me when I walked into a noon dance with Toni at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I was immediately transported to a state of pure joy that I had not experienced in years. The dance was so exhilarating, freeing, and moving that I knew with complete certainty that JourneyDance™ was the path for me. Toni so intuitively and astutely led me on a journey that brought many of my life experiences into focus. I felt a spiritual and physical awakening that allowed my energy to freely flow. Because Toni created such a safe space, inhibitions simply melted away on the dance floor. And so, it is my desire to lead others so they may experience their own personal awakenings.

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