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House Clearing

Service Provided By: Linda Mitchell

Can your living space affect your mood?

The answer is yes! The spaces where you live, cry, stress, & scream collect all of the energy that you release. That energy collects over time just like the dust underneath the bed. Have you ever had an argument and later felt negative energy coming from the space it took place in? A house cleanse wipes away negativity in order to
give the space a chance for positive energy to thrive once again!

Reasons why a house clearing may be necessary

  • When moving into a new home
  • You feel uncomfortable in your home (like someone is watching you)
  • To release trapped spirits, ghosts or other unwanted energies
  • If there is an unexplained illness
  • To release grief or sadness
  • After an illness or death
  • Your health is failing
  • To sell your home or business
  • Before constructing a new home
  • After a divorce or separation
  • If things seem to be confusing around your home or office
  • To bring in positive energy before a celebration
  • After acts of violence or anger

Investment for House Clearing

$135 for 1st hour

$100/hr after 1st hour

Clients can cap price and we will adjust our time accordingly.

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