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Gong Immersion

Date: 3rd Saturday of the Month

Time:  7-900pm

Teacher: David Karlberg

Investment: $15 advance registration; $20 at the door

A gong bath is a unique and powerful sonic experience. The participant allows the sound and vibration of the gongs to wash over them, creating deep feelings of relaxation and timelessness. The powerful energy of the gong takes hold of the listener and moves them in wonderfully surprising ways. Some participants have described it as an emotional cleansing, a spiritual alignment, or an energetic journey.

David plays the gongs with care, curiosity and awe. Mixing multiple tuned gongs, he evokes complex harmonics, deep pulsing tones and beautifully rhythmic waves of sound. These sounds remind the listener of nature, deep space, distant voices, and a mother’s heartbeat while being cradled in the womb. Many listeners are surprised at the types of sounds that can be created by the gong.

In addition to the gongs, David may play the flute, crystal bowls, tuning forks, guitar or drum. These will be used to relax the energy in-between gonging sessions, and to ground the listener after the last gong has sounded. These interludes give the listener a chance to integrate the changes that have occurred.

Before the gong bath, David will share breathing exercises, physical movement and chanting. These assist the listener in preparing for the experience by relaxing their body, opening their ears, and refining their ability to listen.

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