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David Karlberg

David Karlberg, Drum Circle and Gong Immersion Facilitator 

David Karlberg is a musician who found his musical talent late in life. As a teenager he was convinced that he had no natural musical talent and couldn’t carry a tune. This broke his heart, and for 15 years he looked longingly at the dusty guitar in the corner. At age 30, spurred on by his strong desire and love of music, he dusted off that guitar, and has become a talented and enthusiastic amateur.

At age 33, David first discovered traditional African rhythms. He immersed himself in drumming and performance, studying the techniques and rhythms of Africa and the Diaspora, and eventually travelling to Ghana and Haiti. Also at age 33 he participated in his first community drum circle. David fell in love with the idea of facilitated drum circles, which give non-musicians the opportunity to feel the joy of group music making. David has been fortunate to study drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull, and then later with Jim Donovan.

David’s goal is to spread the joy of drumming and making music, and to help participants rediscover their playful musical selves.

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