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Teacher: Kyle Buller

Breathwork is a simple, yet powerful technique that fosters a process of self-discovery and healing that leads towards creating wholeness in life. This introduction workshop is great for anyone completely new to breathwork, and for people with past experience. Bring a friend along, and explore the power of breath. Breathwork incorporates elements of evocative music and deep circular breathing. For this workshop, I will be using the sound of the drum
to help guide you through your process!

What is Breathwork like?
The sound of the drum helps calm the mind, body, and spirit, while deep breathing helps to activate the emotional body. Deep breathing can foster a strong physical and emotional release of stuck or stored energy in the body. This technique helps to promote relaxation and healing.

Who is Breathwork for?
If you are feeling called to do some healing work or just need to release/cleanse some stress in your life, then this workshop is for you!

What is the drum for?
The drum has been used for thousands of years as a tool to induce trance-like states. Recent research suggests that repetitive drumming can produce a state of relaxation and a dream-like state. If you want to read more about shamanic drumming, check out this article I wrote for the Shaman's Market.

Workshop Information
*Spaces are limited to 10
*Please wear comfortable clothing.
**Please bring a yoga mat, a pillow, and a blanket or anything that helps you to feel comfortable. There are a few yoga mats at the studio, but please consider bringing your own!

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