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Facing Our Goliaths – Part 3: The Breakthrough

By Michka White Raven” Grant Human hand breaking brick wall. Strength and power Once the issue of facing our Goliath, realizing what it is and realizing that we’ve had a solution to our problem in our face the whole time, the problem can be resolved. Sometimes, the easiest solution is the least obvious…not to mention […]

Facing Our Goliaths – Part 2: The Search

by Michka “White Raven” Grant Once we realize what our “Goliaths” are, we are faced with how to solve them. We can exhaust time contemplating various ways to find our solution. In the midst of our own dilemma, there are many times that the answer is in front of us the whole time. It can […]

Facing Our Goliaths – Part 1: The Wall

By Michka “White Raven” Grant Over the next three weeks, we will be taking a deeper look into one of the most famous stories from the Christian Bible. Ever had a problem so big you didn’t know how you were going to get out of it? Imagine being the leader of a vast army and being […]

How to Follow Your Own Life’s Purpose

Give yourself a moment to consider the following quote by Jim Rohn:“Design your own life plan, or you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”If you could take a week out of your life to design your life plan, how would you do it? What would you […]

A Burden

By Michka “White Raven” GrantTake a journey with me: You’re sitting in your favorite dining spot. You look across and see someone you’ve known for most of your life. They are happy. They smile and laugh at your silly jokes. You know you can rely on your best friend to always be there and always […]

Create Your Joy – One Small Step To Simplify Your Life

By Debra M. HollinrakeDo you ever ask yourself how you got into the endless cycle of constantly running around, watching the clock, anxious you won’t meet the many deadlines you set for yourself in a single day?Do you ever fantasize about just relaxing and enjoying your life?If you answered, “yes” to either of those questions, […]

Radiate Your “Inner Smile” with 3 Easy Steps

By Debra M. HollinrakeBenjamin Disraeli is known to have said “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”How can you apply this thought to your life?When you encounter another person on the phone, in person or over the Internet, where is […]

Filling the Void

by Michka “White Raven” GrantA major change happens in your life. You make a decision to release something. It could be in the form of an idea or story that you’ve been living. It could be that there is a toxic person in your life that you no longer wish to be around or with. […]

The Gray Areas of Life

By Linda MitchellEveryone remembers that first gray hair.Most likely, you probably pulled that first gray hair, and then the next and the next until you either knew you would go bald, or resolved to make a lifetime effort to hide those roots for good. After all, only your hairstylist knows for sure. After thirty some […]

Lift Another Up and Positively Change the World

By Debra M. HollinrakeHow often do you take the time to raise the spirit of another? Whether they are down and out, just living a normal day with no problems, feeling down, or already feeling up.How good do you feel when you take the time to brighten another’s spirits? What do you do? With animals, […]

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