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The Gray Areas of Life

By Linda MitchellEveryone remembers that first gray hair.Most likely, you probably pulled that first gray hair, and then the next and the next until you either knew you would go bald, or resolved to make a lifetime effort to hide those roots for good. After all, only your hairstylist knows for sure. After thirty some […]

My Ego – My Friend

By Linda Mitchell “Once you love the enemy inside, once you embrace it, that enemy will transform and yield its power to you. At that moment, you are sitting on the most wonderful wealth of your existence. The ability to do, the strength to do it, and the energy to complete it; that is the true […]

What’s So Special About Crystals

By Michka “What Raven” Grant      Whether you’re walking through a garden, hiking through a canyon, or you’ve gone to a store, you’re bound to be able to see, touch, feel, and experience crystals and minerals. Sure, they’re beautiful to look at, but why would you want to have one? Unless, you’re the type that […]

5 Simple Principles for 2016

By Linda MitchellHow do we look into the future without first embracing the past and the present? We can envision a life we deserve and desire when we still our minds and begin to take the steps to untangle the web that has caused us pain, confusion and despair. Our lives are intertwined. We are […]

Home for Christmas

By Linda MitchellALL traditions passed from one generation to the next are the foundation we begin our life’s journey with, and THEN somewhere over time old traditions fade, and new traditions have given birth. Traditions are our roots, and to lose a part of the old traditions are heartfelt as we begin the next chapter of our adult […]

OUR War on Terrorism

“When we respond to terror attacks with air strikes and drone killings, we seem oblivious to the terror for which we ourselves are responsible.” -Mary KaldorAccording to Wikipedia “Terrorism” is any act designed to cause terror. “Terror” is a type of fear, an emotional response to threats or danger. We often associate terrorism to an […]

Spiritual Healing

“Spirituality is the road to recovery” -Linda Mitchell”Our greatest disconnect is our connection to our spirituality.” Never were these words more profound than when my friend Sarah Collins, who specializes in Natural Force Healing®, made this statement years ago. Her words left their mark in my heart and my own connection with God as my […]

Living With Purpose

“When we stay on purpose and steadfastly refuse to be discouraged, accepting our fears and doing it anyway, those seemingly dormant forces do come alive and show us that we are greater people than we ever dreamed ourselves to be.”- Dr. Wayne DyerThis past week has been a difficult one for many who knew Dr. […]

Honest to God

“Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.” – James E. FaustHow difficult is it to tell the truth? To be honest? We find it difficult time and time again BECAUSE?We all have our reasons to tell those little white lies, or bigger lies to spare […]

In Good Faith

What does “In Good Faith” apply? According to, In Good Faith is a general assumption of the law of contracts, that people will act in good faith and deal fairly without breaking their word ~ grew up in the country and often saw my father give his word or promise in many ways. […]

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